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VR-Unterstützung skaliert praxisorientiertes Training

Auf dem Blog von Josh Bersin bin ich gerade über einen Artikel gestolpert, den Jochen Robes in seinem Weiterbildungsblog bereits kommentiert hat. Dort findet sich eine Abbildung dazu, wie VR-basierte Lernumgebungen („immersive learning“) praxisorientiertes Training für besondere, schwierig zugängliche oder gefährliche Situationen skalieren können:


Bildquelle: Josh Bersin / Strivr


Bersin führt einige Trainingssituationen an, die er bei einem Besuch bei STRIVR, einem Anbieter in diesem Segment, erlebt hat:

The STRIVR team put me into a simulation of a Wal-Mart store during Black Friday. (…) I was literally in the store, hearing, seeing, and feeling all the pressure of a store employee, and the system literally coached me what to do (and what not to do). (…) Then the STRIVR team put me on the deli counter (…) and all of a sudden a bunch of people started queuing up to be served. I got nervous trying to figure out who to serve first, and of course, I forgot a few things and the simulation taught me to look around behind me to make sure all the people in the deli were served correctly. (…) The fourth was an opportunity to visit a Jet Blue plane hangar. I was asked to look under the plane for inspection, and actually felt the weight and sound of the aircraft in my ears. I tried to find all the problems, but sure enough, I missed some things and had to go back and look harder.

In every one of these situations, the VR solution was real, memorable, and emotional. Now, a year later, I still have a complete recollection of each event; they created “muscle memory” in my mind that no classroom, e-learning, or instructor-led training could ever create.


Josh Bersin, 01.02.2019: VR enters corporate Training with a vengeance: and the results are amazing.

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